Service Package 6

Public relations and storytelling


Public relations have a key management function. The objective is to define relevant themes and tell stories. Public relations mean that companies communicate with different stakeholders and thus build and enhance the awareness and reputation of their company or brand. Public relations are therefore more important than ever, belying all those critics saying that public relations are no longer relevant.


We bring strategic insight and muscle to operational implementation

Public relations can be divided into two central task areas. One, it is an operational communication tool that includes press work, strong and unmistakable storytelling, event communication and sponsoring. Public relations also fulfill a management function in the sense of a strategic management task; as such, it is found at the management level – think “stakeholder management”. We know how to familiarize ourselves with your themes and how to win your stakeholders through compelling storytelling and specific theme definition. Whether with classic public relations, online, social media, print, TV or radio. We master the entire repertoire, skillfully putting our expertise to work for you.