Service Package 4

Crisis management and
crisis communication


Crises don’t come suddenly and unexpectedly – they actually announce their advent weeks, or even months, in advance: this is the nature of crises. We help you set up the right crisis communication and crisis management. This way, we protect your reputation and help you master crises professionally.

The right communication in a crisis

Crises cause economic damage and can result in a loss of reputation. Corporate crises turn into real crises when the communication heads towards trouble. We know precisely how you can master the essential tasks of crisis management and anticipate stumbling blocks. In a crisis, everything is different – because special rules apply here. In times of crisis, people are often hectic, hasty, anxious or uncoordinated in their actions. As a result, trust in people and institutions that has developed over many years can be lost in the blink of an eye.

Crisis prevention and clear crisis communication – how you can overcome your crisis

Good crisis management, coherent crisis communication and good preparation help identify and manage crises at an early stage and minimize the possible consequences. Well-functioning information channels, a defined crisis communication strategy, clear responsibilities and fast decision-making processes and a confident public appearance have proven to be important building blocks for successfully coping with a crisis. We advise and support companies and organizations in crisis situations – before, during and after the crisis. Working together with and for our clients, we develop crisis communication strategies and provide on-site assistance in crisis management. Since 2017, our expertise in this area has afforded us and our partner Katja Rieger the opportunity to conduct an annual one-day workshop on crisis communication and crisis management at the ZHAW School of Management and Law for students of CAS law, regulation and risk management.