In context: Our vision

We can connect with anyone.
We just need to talk to them directly.

Effective corporate communications are all about promoting dialogue between people. But is that even possible in today’s world where digital channels, online platforms and SEO optimisation reign supreme?

It’s true that direct, face-to-face communication – the type where we really engage with one another and build emotional connections – is currently hard to come by. We’re flooded with information at every turn, and yet much of this (advertising) content is impersonal and it’s failing to cut through to its target audience. What consumers really want is personalised messaging that speaks directly to them as individuals. That’s why we take a different approach. Rather than seeking out more and more communication channels, we focus on what’s really important – context.

Context – the key to communications success.

We get right under the skin of our target audience and find out what they’re all about. What are their needs? Their demands? Their lived experience? Their desires? Armed with this information, we then develop the perfect communications content and make sure it sticks. We ensure our messaging really cuts through and doesn’t just wash away.

How do we do that? By understanding the wider economic and political context. And by looking beyond our own four walls and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends around the world, in both the communications sector and society at large. This means we are perfectly placed to deliver constructive and effective advice to companies and brands, which will help them achieve success for years to come.

Welcome to Kontx Kommunikation!