Lokales Wasser 37
Sustainable, local and trendy: Positioning the brand LW37 in the market with strong storytelling 

Lokales Wasser 37 (LW37) has asked Kontx Kommunikation to develop a communication strategy to position itself more strongly bothin and around Zurich as a high-quality, local alternative to imported water. The goal: brand building and telling the LW37 story. 

With the help of appropriate communication measures, we also aim to strengthen the perception of the company, its commitment to water projects worldwide, the introduction of its founder and the extensive product range among urban target groups. 


How do you build a water brand like LW37 and how do you reach urban, critical consumers in a city like Zurich that is trendy, spoilt for choice and yet interested in sustainable products? 

Because water is just water, you would think: Since LW37 springs directly come from the Uetliberg area and therefore has extremely short transport routes and ends up more or less directly in the glasses of interested Zurich residents, we decided to take the approach of fun facts and smart knowledge for the communication –  we believe that we are adopting the right tone with this: As a first step, we have relaunched the social media channels. 

With specific storytelling and interesting water facts, we have been addressing restaurateurs and end consumers for more than four months now. 

In a second step, we chose Anina Mutter to represent the LW37 brand after an extensive influencer screening. She is a young, urban influencer from Zurich who stands for a sustainable lifestyle and lives it outwardly in a serious but charming way: The task is to prompt a conversation on the topic of sustainability, regional products and the prevention of long transport routes for water from abroad, and to show that LW37 is a strong brand from the heart of Zurich. Anina shares her love for her home city of Zurich in a very personal way and conveys to her followers that there are high-quality, tasty and good products available locally, the purchase of which strengthens regional producers. As part of the cooperation with LW37, she shows her community how she consumes her favourite water, LW37 at her favourite places in the city. She  conveys with sincerity how important water is for her in everyday life, which she can buy on her doorstep.  

To enable a 1 :1 contact with potential customers, we organised sampling campaigns at Stadelhofen station and Europaallee in Zurich over four days. A sampling campaign at highly frequented and popular locations guarantees a large reach in the shortest time and a direct and personal exchange with consumers. We organised the sampling campaign from A to Z. The first thing we did was to look for suitable locations, and to identify storage facilities and promoter spaces. We designed all the promotional materials such as flyers and cloth bags, which were distributed together with the water as free samples. 

In order to attract widespread attention, we had large beach flags produced. Urban meets urban: We used students from Zurich as promoters who actively approached interested passers-by and informed them about LW37. The sampling campaign was a great success, especially because many conversations between LW37 and passers-by took place during the sampling campaigns. 



  • Overarching content strategy with uniform layout (fun facts, employees‘ introductions, sustainable topics) 

  • Adaptation of the topics and the approach per social media channel (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) 

  • Create awareness for consumers on the topic of sustainability, provide facts on imported water in Switzerland 

  • Community management : Interactions with gastronomes, restaurant owners and Zurich’s local online portals (links in posts and Instagram stories, shares, comments) 

  • Monthly reporting 


  • Collaboration with a Zurich-based influencer who specialises in sustainability and focuses on local subjects. 

  • Raffles, IG Posts, IG Stories & IG Reels 

  • Structure of the LinkeIn profile: April 2021: 0 followers 

    • Status June: 101 
  • Instagram profile status April 2021: 220 

    • Status June: 276 
  • Facebook profile April: 100 

    • Status June: 126 
LW37: Influencerin Anina Mutter
Fun Fact: Did you know that…?
Sampling action at the europaallee in zurich
  • LW37: Sampling Europaallee
  • LW37: Sampling Europaallee