Strengthen PR and brand management with storytelling

More and more companies are recognising the powerful effect of storytelling: consumers and other stakeholders can be captivated and emotionally bound to the brand with good stories – more so than with simple advertising promises. Storytelling is about more than awareness or recognition. Used correctly, telling good stories makes an important contribution to identification with the brand.

Storytelling strengthens the brand image

Consumers are exposed to thousands of advertising messages every day. The probability that one of them will stick in their mind is correspondingly low. This is the great advantage of storytelling: we remember stories better than slogans because stories show connections as well as touching us emotionally. Unlike messages that are detached from their context, that come along with flashy colours or fancy slogans, good stories can also convey complex issues – authentically, emotionally and credibly.

Pick up the target group with story branding

People love good stories. And brands that can tell good stories. This is true not only for cinema and television, but also for websites, Tiktok or Instagram. Successful advertising videos and social media posts have to be designed in such a way that users can find themselves in these microstories and compare them to their own experiences. The trick is to tap into the shared “memories” of different target groups within a larger cultural context. Such stories awaken feelings and create opportunities for identification.

If you want to build a brand and manage it successfully, you should tell stories. On every channel.

A successful brand story gives your target group a comprehensive picture of what the brand stands for. It is the glue between brand and consumer. So, use storytelling. We will support you in doing so.