Reach target groups digitally with Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which a brand uses so-called “influencers” to promote a product or service. The aim is to increase brand awareness or create an incentive to buy. Influencers deliberately post on their own social media platforms and enter into targeted collaborations with companies or brands. Influencer marketing means using influencers to establish authentic, direct contact with potential consumers, to generate word of mouth, to improve a brand’s reputation and to increase the visibility of a brand and its products.

Influencers possess special expertise in specific areas such as travel, fashion, food, lifestyle, sports, health, or sustainability. As an influencer marketing agency, we have built a large database of influencers categorized by topic areas. When our clients or potential clients make inquiries, depending on the scale of the campaign, we can select suitable influencers from our database and propose them to our clients.

The first step in developing an influencer marketing campaign is the content planning: What brand objectives do you want to achieve with a campaign? How do you want influencers to support your brand? What message do you want to convey through influencers? Which target audience do you want to reach, which channels do you want to cover, and what advertising budget is best suited to your goals? We define all of this together with you in a briefing session to create the right campaign with the right influencers for you.

In the next step, we help you find the perfect influencer based on a careful profile analysis, focusing primarily on KPIs such as the number of followers, engagement rate, and the geographic origin of followers. It is also important whether the influencers’ content aligns with your brand. Furthermore, the budget you are willing to invest is crucial in selecting influencers. The more well-known an influencer is and the more followers they have, the higher the fees can be. As an influencer agency, we use professional tools for our analyses, allowing us to evaluate influencer profiles based on quantitative and qualitative criteria.

To ensure that the collaboration reflects the values and visions of your brand, we recommend creating a campaign briefing for all influencers (e.g., with the exact product name, special features and benefits of the product, linking to the company profile, campaign hashtags, keywords, or messages). However, it is important that influencers do not receive too strict guidelines, allowing them to be as authentic as possible in content creation and to address their followers as honestly and approachably as they are accustomed to from “their” influencers.

Upon completion of a campaign, we, as an influencer marketing agency, measure the success of a campaign with a so-called performance analysis. For this purpose, we evaluate the content shared by influencers with their followers through their channels and compare it with the goals set at the beginning. For this, we rely on the insights provided by influencers from their channels, which they can extract and provide to us.

We rely on close dialogue when working with our clients, ensuring that you are always informed about the current status of the campaign, and we can make adjustments to a campaign promptly if desired by you.

On our website, you can find exciting cases of selected influencer campaigns: Lokales Wasser 37, and Alver.


  • Creation of a concept and development of a content strategy
  • Definition of the brand goals
  • Increasing brand awareness 
  • Increase the number of followers
  • Increase engagement with the target group
  • Reach new potential customers
  • Increase conversions
  • Creation of a campaign briefing
  • Brief introduction of the brand
  • Description of the product to be advertised
  • Define campaign goals: Increase brand awareness, general awareness, interaction, conversion
  • Define the topic of the campaign
  • Define campaign period
  • Guidelines for the creation of content (CI)
    Call to action: Clear request to followers to do something (e.g. click on a link to your store)
  • Use tracking links to measure how many sales or page visits the campaign has generated
  • Define key words and hashtags
  • Define dos & don’ts
  • Selecting and researching suitable influencers
  • Define the influencer size (nano, micro, mid-tier, macro, mega)
  • Reach and number of followers
  • Analysis of the authenticity of the followers (avoid fake followers)
  • Checking the engagement rate (percentage value of the number of interactions)
  • Geographical location of the followers
  • Look & feel of the profile

Are you interested or do you have any questions? Then please get in touch with us. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

What is an Influencer Marketing agency?

An influencer marketing agency is an agency that specializes in developing and implementing influencer campaigns for companies or brands.

What does an Influencer Marketing agency do?

An influencer marketing agency works with influencers to promote products and services and reach their target group(s). In addition, the work of an influencer marketing agency also consists of finding the right influencers for a campaign, defining the goals of the campaign, organizing the collaboration with the influencers and measuring the results of the campaign. The agency also helps with the creation of campaign content and takes care of the legal aspects of the collaboration.

What tasks does a Influencer Marketing agency take on?

An influencer marketing agency takes on a variety of tasks to support companies or brands in the implementation of influencer campaigns. Among other things: Strategy development and content planning, identification and selection of suitable influencers, contract negotiations, campaign management, campaign analysis as well as reporting and recommendation.