Digital Marketing

Digital campaigns, influencer communications and storytelling

For us, digital marketing is more than just a buzzword. We deliver powerful online campaigns that are perfectly in tune with your target audience – from the initial planning through to final implementation.

The complete package

When planning our digital campaigns, we focus specifically on your target market. We take a holistic approach and work together with selected media and industry partners to develop 360-degree campaigns that speak directly to your audience via the channels they use most. No matter what your campaign, you can count on us to find the right influencers, bloggers and key opinion leaders, and develop the perfect storytelling concept for you. We ensure all your campaigns run smoothly and keep a close eye on how effective they’ve been. We maintain close contact with our influencers and bloggers, and know many of them personally. These strong relationships are a long-term asset for your business, since the right influencer has the power to promote your service, brand or product amongst your target audience, strengthen your image and inspire new and existing customers with their creative content.

Telling your story right

We develop the perfect content for you and tell your story in a way that entertains and engages with your target audience. Interested in using video? No problem! We have the expertise and experience to develop and produce all styles of video from ‘homemade’ to a slick professional number.