More awareness through storytelling 

The Swiss start-up Alver has made it its mission to contribute to an animal-free diet for the ever-growing world population with sustainable, protein-rich foods based on the microalgae Golden Chlorella. 

Our task: to make the Alver product range, whose main ingredient is the Golden Chlorella microalgae, known to consumers in Germany and Switzerland. In addition, the benefits of an animal-free, yet protein-rich diet were to be highlighted, which can result in a possible increase in general health, but also in the protection of the climate and the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle. 


The focus of the 2022 communication was a blog, which was integrated into the Alver website and which Kontx featured on a monthly basis with entertaining yet informative contributions. The focus was not only on news or newly launched products, but also included topics that offered interested readers insights and small knowledge tips on health, climate or sustainability. 

In addition, a teaser video featuring either Mine Uran (Founder and CEO) or Majbrit Byskov-Bridges (Co-Founder and COO) was shot for each blog post. As well as short statements by the two protagonists on the respective blog topic, the short videos prompt the viewer to look for further details. The videos were published on Alver’s social media channels (esp. Instagram and LinkedIn) to provoke curiosity regarding the blog posts and to achieve both attention and reach. 

  • Creation of an editorial plan for 12 blog posts on various topics: 
    • Veganuary 
    • Food supplements (Alver Golden Line) 
    • Spring cleaning for body & health 
    • Climate change & the vegan diet 
    • Consumption of natural resources 
    • Eco-friendly practices in the home  
    • Golden Digestion (new health shots) 
    • Light but vitamin- and protein-rich diets for hot summer days 
    • World Heart Day (29.9.22) – why microalgae are good for heart & health.  
    • Global expansion of cultivated areas 
    • Sustainable & healthy gift ideas for Christmas 
    • Healthy Craving: Microalgae in Christmas Biscuits 
  • Writing the blog posts incl. researching suitable header images 


  • Creation of a script for the video series (twelve videos, one for each blog post) incl. fade-ins (background, name etc.), use of logo, jingle etc. 
  • Creation of statements for Mine Uran and Majbrit Byskov-Bridges in English. 
  • Translation of the statements into German for use as subtitles in the videos 
  • Detailed briefing of Mine Uran or Majbrit Byskov-Bridges for the video shooting 
  • Organisation and planning of the video shoot 
  • Shooting of the video statements with the professional camera team of Longtail Media in their studio (use of green screen, insertion of suitable backgrounds in the post-production) 
  • Management of the post-production in close cooperation with Longtail Media 
  • Monthly coverage of the blog with varied topics 
  • From a promotional communication to a communication about currently relevant, sustainable topics  
  • Attractive video statements with a personal touch to generate awareness of the blog posts on social media 

Example blog post: 

 Example video statement: