Philips Respironics

The subject of sleep and respiratory care requires explanation, education and sharing of knowledge. In order to convince professionals such as doctors, sleep centres and hospitals in particular of the benefits of Philips Sleep & Respiratory Care products, Kontx was tasked to develop a B2B social media strategy and to manage the social media channels on behalf of the client, including constant monitoring. 


Storytelling, conveying key messages and positioning company identities also play a decisive role in the B2B sector. Particularly when it comes to medical products that require explanation, where professionals seek competence, personal advice and trust, storytelling is considered a core communication tool. 

For this reason, Kontx carried out a detailed market analysis and developed a content strategy for Linkedin that was suitable for Philips Sleep & Respiratory Care based on a competitor assessment. In order to get close to the decision makers from hospitals, sleep labs etc., we decided to use the private profile of a sales representative as a channel for the distribution of the content. The advantage of a private profile is on one hand the personal proximity to the contacts in the social network, on the other hand the Linkedin algorithm favours the content of individuals compared to company profiles. The objective is to position the company with its specialist division in the market as an expert and personal contact for all questions on this topic. 

time frame work: 2020

In order to position Philips Respironics on Linkedin as a brand with specific target group topics, a content strategy was implemented with the following main focuses:


  • Presentation of projects/clients: Successful projects involving Philips Respironics demonstrate the company’s concrete expertise 

  • Presentation of employees: The series “Faces behind Philips Respironicswas created to introduce different employees of Philips Respironicsshowing employees as ambassadors and competence carriers. 

  • Development of core topics: For example, the seriesSleep Factswas launched on the topic of sleep with significant infographics on the subject. 

  • Videos: ” Behind the scenes” – e.g. of a sleep laboratory 


  • Videos: Video interviews with customers and employees were produced to illustrate Philips Respironics‘ topics. 

  • Infographics/templates: For the core topics and the employee presentations, infographics and templates in the Philips corporate look were developed to create a recognisable effect. 

  • Articles/interviews: Successful projects involving Philips Respironics demonstrate concrete expertise. The articles were posted in the form of elaborated Linkedin articles. 

The number of followers more than doubled within half a year: 

  • August 2020: 220 Follower
  • January 2021: 557 followers